Healthcare Solutions

Build Effective Healthcare Solutions to Manage Multiple Tasks Under One Umbrella

In the era, where healthcare has gone online, our developers strive to push their limits to develop python-based automated solutions. The healthcare approach of the era is a preventive one. As a result, we, at Quixom, stay abreast with the latest technological standards and industry norms to develop user-centric solutions.

Learn how you can build Python-based automated healthcare solutions to stay ahead of the curve in your industry.

Our Comprehensive Range of Service Includes Multi-faceted Solutions

Our experienced python developers are well-versed in the development of custom enterprise-based healthcare solutions. We offer the following range of services and more

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Automated EHR and EMR Solutions

Our developers take the responsibility to offer exclusive EHR and EMR solutions for helping healthcare professionals to work around an organized schedule through the integration of features such as interactive patient portals, ePrescription, medical scheduling, and more.

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Internal Collaboration

Collaborate with nurses, ward staff, surgeons, and other employees to ensure the smooth functioning through enhanced communication modules, audio/video/chat modules, and smart care coordination system.

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Telemedicine Software Solutions

At Quixom, our python developers hold the potential to revolutionize the extant healthcare system to match it with the modern-day requirement. We develop real-time interactive solutions, AR/VR-based telemedicine, and remote patient monitoring solutions.

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Health & Clinical Management

We offer advanced healthcare solutions using Python and latest technology stack to track the progress of patients and provide personalized and healthcare and medical care.

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Intelligent Healthcare Solution

Leverage the customized business intelligence solutions from Quixom for offering better healthcare results and improve the patient satisfaction rate.

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Advanced Healthcare Analytics

We develop advanced healthcare solutions to integrate artificial intelligence, data mining solutions, and data segmentation for decision-making.

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Reporting and Interactive Dashboards

Our range of services includes reporting and analytics, data discovery and visualization, financial management, laboratory management, and performance and cost analysis.

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Compliance & Security

Request for a dedicated python development team to help you develop software solutions that are highly compliant with PA-DSS security standards and PCI DSS with OWASP requirements.

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Reporting Services

Get the best python development team for building solutions for eCommerce with reporting services that comprise interactive dashboard, cost analysis, comparison reports, and financial management tools.

Our services span more than the ones mentioned above.

We can offer you with the advanced tool for escalating your business to new heights.

Our Specialities

Quixom has been the driving force for a paradigm shift for numerous industry. Now is the time for your healthcare business to step up and excel in your niche.
Below are specialities that we can incorporate to your business solution

  • Integration of the medical record can be ensured using the Blockchain technology.
  • Data sharing of patients with surgeons and concerned healthcare professional can be done with the utmost ease.
  • Reward system for patients, who keep up with their healthcare goals.
  • Handling the reward system in an effective manner.

Know how our technical expertise can help your business with the best of the python solutions

AR & VR Solutions
  • Remote surgery training with AR/VR is possible.
  • Doctors and surgeons can have access to a high quality of surgeries.
  • Early diagnosis of diseases can be made.
  • Handling medical records and similar data will be easier.

Know how our technical expertise can help your business with the best of the python solutions

Artificial Intelligence
  • Patients can easily book appointments, seek medical help, and issue reminders on the same.
  • It is easier to receive patient engagement through chatbots.
  • Chatbots can ask multiple questions about a patient’s health, so the doctors can directly get to the root cause of the problem.
  • Doctor’s can efficiently decide the future course of medicine for patients.

Know how our technical expertise can help your business with the best of the python solutions

  • Helps in reducing your workforce required for the customer support.
  • Offers real-time update to potential customers about products.
  • Communicates with leads to find out what they are looking for.
  • Provide data-oriented results.

Know how our technical expertise can help your business with the best of the python solutions


How can Quixom help Simplify your Healthcare Solution?

How can Quixom Help you Stay at the Top of your EdTech Game?

Healthcare is one of the basic necessities, and businesses are taking meticulous efforts to make it as patient-oriented as possible.

As a result, businesses of today are leveraging the best of the technologies. Python is one of the most promising languages, and numerous product engineering projects for the healthcare niche have been deployed by the skilled developers of Quixom

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Enterprise Healthcare Solutions

Hire the best Python developers for enterprise healthcare solutions for the development of web and mobile app to suffice your specific project needs.

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High Focus on Usability & Ease of Use

Our developers leverage advanced UI and UX designs that can drive user engagement. Our experts take a user-centric approach in defining the prototype of the solution. This makes it easier for the healthcare professional to train their subordinates.

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Innovation-driven Development

We have a dedicated research and development facility for experimenting with the latest technology. Our developers ensure that you get a solution that is potent enough to help you outperform in your niche.

How can Quixom Help your healthcare Business with Python Solutions?

Without wasting another moment, let’s connect over here and tell us what your project requirement is. We will take a look at your request

Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering

Without wasting another moment, let’s connect over here and tell us what your project requirement is. We will take a look at your request, and we will assign the best of the analyst for you to get in touch and define the scope.

Requirement Gathering

Project Analysis and Discussion

Once your project requirement is clear, our analyst will come up with the timeframe, development process, and the quote. We will initiate the discussion and present the roadmap for the project lifecycle. Here, you can choose your engagement models and plans.

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Project Initiation

Based on the engagement model that you select for your project, we allocate a project manager and dedicate the best team of python developers for your project. We provide our team with the best technologies and knowledge to ensure that we offer the most viable solution.

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Development Phase

We follow an agile methodology for every project that we develop. We undertake development for a sprint and then move to the next sprint

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We assemble all the sprints together to receive a unified platform.

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Quality Test

Once we have all the sprints developed together, we send it to our well-qualified Q&A team. Once the project is ‘okay tested’, we deploy it to our client and equip them with the required training.