Event Management Solutions

Bring your Business the Necessary Revolution in the Event Management Niche

Easy event management is no management. There are numerous processes running in the foreground and background that need to be addressed. As a result, the event management industry requires an all-in-one event management solutions to meet all your needs.

Our business analysts and experts in the industry leverage innovation to bring in the required improvisation to help you manage multiple events at once and with high quality. Cut down on spreading the excel sheets to go through your event data and use stand-alone python-based event management software to manage your event lifecycle with the utmost ease.

It’s time to level up your event management business using Quixom’s python development solution.

Our Myriad of Python Development Services for Event Management Solutions

The proficiency of our python developers ranges numerous IoT, Blockchain, Chatbots, AR/VR, solutions for you to inculcate automation in your event management business

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Venue Management Software

Rethink how to handle event bookings while encouraging seamless communication between your clients and staff to save time and managerial efforts.

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Floor Plan Software

Be able to manage your floor plan and arrangements using your python-based event management software. Our developers can take it a step ahead with AR/VR solutions to help you provide a virtual-real view of your arrangement.

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Event Planning Software

Track hundreds of thousands of event details in real-time, be able to manage schedules, registrations, and have effective communication using our python development solutions.

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Virtual Event Platforms

Increase in the number of virtual events means to take the arrangement digital. Manage invitations, RSVPs, run impactful events and promote your events to attract quality attendees using Quixom’s expert python solutions.

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Handle Payments from Clients and Attendees

Achieve more with less using our Python solutions. Power up your event management business by maintaining separate records for transactions made by your attendees and clients.

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Manage Event Logistics

Our python developers help in digitizing event logistics for you to focus on the core event management business of creating unique experiences for your attendees while the management of logistics can be automated.

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Progressive Web and App Solutions

Our developers ensure the development of high-end python-based solutions for the event management companies to upgrade their software with the latest technologies to make it relevant even in the future.

Our services span more than the ones mentioned above.

We can offer you with the advanced tool for escalating your business to new heights.

Our Specialities

Explore the best of the technologies and their uses in the event management industry using Quixom’s industry-leading solutions.

  • Be able to manage payments from attendees and clients.
  • Free your resources to supervise your payments and refunds.
  • Mange fraudulent activities and instances of counterfeits.

Quixom leads the IT industry with numerous specialties for your business in the event management niche.

Big data
  • Initiate novel and effective floor plan management with data analysis.
  • Access data in the real-time to be able to make better decisions.
  • Decrease data complexity and receive access to the useful data.

Quixom leads the IT industry with numerous specialties for your business in the event management niche.

Artificial Intelligence
  • Get better at analyzing the needs of your clients and plan your events better.
  • Initiate customer satisfaction for better services.
  • Reduce operational costs and get better at estimation of events.

Quixom leads the IT industry with numerous specialties for your business in the event management niche.

  • Address queries of your customers in a seamless manner with peer-to-peer interactions.
  • Initiate data-oriented outcomes.
  • Get high-quality attendees to your events by communicating about your requirements well.

Quixom leads the IT industry with numerous specialties for your business in the event management niche.


Why Should you Partner with Quixom to Boost your Business in the Event Management Niche?

How can Quixom Help you Stay at the Top of your EdTech Game?

Being an expert python development firm for the event management industry, we tackle the common challenges and assist our clients to step onto automation.

We brainstorm different kinds of solutions for our clients in the event management industry to have better handling of the business.

We achieve our development goals by understanding your requirements and exceeding your expectations. Our approach to building the best products in the event management niche consists of a comprehensive process, wherein the focus is on incorporation of the latest technologies.

Do you know what sets the python development services of Quixom apart?

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Technical Consultation

Our professional business analysts are well-versed with the latest norms in the industry. As a result, it helps us in delivering sophisticated solutions for enhancing the internal processes for your company. Our technical consultants understand your business processes and strive to optimize them for the greater benefits of your business.

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Custom Python Solutions

We, at Quixom, believe your business needs are unique. As a result, you need a python-based solution that is the right fit for your business. In such a case, it is crucial that you assess your needs and we can form a proper solution that nurtures your event management business.

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Compliance and Security

Event management industry is one of the most critical industries as you have to manage numerous data including the personal information of the attendees. In such a case, falling into the GDPR penalty list is easy. To tackle this challenge, our focus is on developing highly-secured solutions that are compliant to the standards set by the data regulatory authorities.

How can Quixom Help your Event Business with Python Solutions?

Without wasting another moment, let’s connect over here and tell us what your project requirement is. We will take a look at your request

Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering

Without wasting another moment, let’s connect over here and tell us what your project requirement is. We will take a look at your request, and we will assign the best of the analyst for you to get in touch and define the scope.

Requirement Gathering

Project Analysis and Discussion

Once your project requirement is clear, our analyst will come up with the timeframe, development process, and the quote. We will initiate the discussion and present the roadmap for the project lifecycle. Here, you can choose your engagement models and plans.

Requirement Gathering

Project Initiation

Based on the engagement model that you select for your project, we allocate a project manager and dedicate the best team of python developers for your project. We provide our team with the best technologies and knowledge to ensure that we offer the most viable solution.

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Development Phase

We follow an agile methodology for every project that we develop. We undertake development for a sprint and then move to the next sprint

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We assemble all the sprints together to receive a unified platform.

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Quality Test

Once we have all the sprints developed together, we send it to our well-qualified Q&A team. Once the project is ‘okay tested’, we deploy it to our client and equip them with the required training.