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Why Upgrade and Migration Services? Because your Business Needs Expansion

If we are to summarize the current business scope in recent times, it can be aptly said that change is the new constant. There are so many new technologies coming in the market, and most of the businesses are prompt about it. If you too want to offer your customers with an unmatched experience, it’s time to consider migration to a wider space and leverage upgrade services for better functionalities.

At Quixom, we strive to migrate your enterprise solution from the outdated platform to the latest version of Python. Our Python Django developers are excited to help you take the business leap.

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Upgrade and Migration Services – Prepare your Business for the Future, Today

As you launch your business, you have to keep up with the trends to offer something new to your customers. The best solution is to migrate your business to the future by maintaining the best of the existing processes. You can optimize your system’s functionality and expand your business, when you avail upgrade and migration services.

We, at Quixom, have been chosen as the best migration and upgrade service provider company by our clients for our excellent testing and deployment services. Besides this, we hold a record in delivering the best time to market using our best practices to migration and upgrade services.

We have a broad categories of industries that we cater to

Travel and Hospitality

Request for excellent migration and upgrade services from Quixom to get to the latest Python environment and enjoy the ease of running your business.


Hire the best migration and upgrade service providers from Quixom to take your business to new eCommerce business to new heights and better functionalities.

Health and Fitness

Outsource the award-winning migration and upgrade services from Quixom to enhance the functionality and receive better collaboration of your team in the healthcare and fitness niche.

Logistics and Transportation

Hire the expert migration and upgrade service providers to help you get away from your legacy systems to new and advanced systems.

Business Directory

Collaborate with the best migration and upgrade service providers to help your business receive a better running environment, on the back of automation.


Outsource our Python migration and upgrade services to increase the security of your existing fintech infrastructure.


Hire experienced Python migration and upgrade services for the expansion of the cloud storage and database to be able to accomodate more data..


Partner with the best Python migration and upgrade service providers in the industry to be able to match up the pace of the leading edtech businesses through automation.

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Why Quixom for Availing Migration and Upgrade Services?

Our migration and upgrade approach includes the following benefits:

Upgrade and migration services-industry-level analysis-Quixom-technology Industry-level Analysis The industry you work in tells us a lot about your business. As a result, we conduct an industry-level analysis regarding the current trends and provide consultation regarding the same. Upgrade and migration services-process analysis-Quixom-technology Process Analysis Prior to migration and upgrade, we believe in understanding processes at the grassroots level to be able to innovate and reduce the complexity.
Upgrade and migration services-automation analysis-Quixom-technology Automation Analysis We just do not follow trends blindly. We gauge their needs and then proceed forward. After understanding the process and industry, we look into your need for automation and make suggestions accordingly.
Usability & Fluency Technological Analysis In this step, we analyze the other processes that are related to the one that you have requested to automate. Here, we analyze the potential changes that the immediately succeeding or preceding processes demand with the automation in a process. Finest up-gradations Feasibility Analysis Our work isn’t over when we migrate or upgrade your solution. We possess this huge appetite for client satisfaction. On similar lines, we undertake a feasibility test for the project that you have assigned to us. If it adds massive value to your business, we go ahead. If not, we start from scratch to make it as valuable as possible.

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Let’s Get you a Glimpse of Our Methodology

Once you reach out to us through your requirements, we quickly put on our brainstorming hat to get a detailed idea about your project.
After our analysis, we will talk to you regarding the project idea. We will show you the cracks (if any) and provide solutions to it. Once we both agree on the scope of the project, we will create a sprint schedule for you.
We will provide you with the quote and allocate dedicated resources for your custom Python development project. This step includes prioritizing your requirements and dividing them into sprints.
Our Python developers will assemble the right tools, framework, database, and library to define the architecture and complete the first sprint.
Post the development of the first sprint, our Python developers will send the code to the QA team. They will send back the sprint to developers ( if need be) or else will forward it to the project manager that we have assigned to you.
Our project manager will review the first sprint with you. If you need the changes, our developers will work on it. If not, we will move to the next sprint.
Once all the sprints are developed, reviewed, and approved by you, our developers will integrate these sprints into the project.
Post the integration, our QA team will run a quality test to ensure seamless operations.
Our project manager will coordinate with you regarding the deployment of the project. You and your team are eligible to receive a one-time detailed demo and training of your project.
Once you are accustomed to all the essentials regarding your project, we provide annual maintenance and support services.

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Engagement Models

We, at Quixom, offer you the engagement model that best fits your needs.

Dedicated Resource Model

Our best-in-class Python development company offers skilled resources and modern infrastructures to work on your custom Python development project.

At Quixom, we follow a strict policies favouring

  • Monthly Billing
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Timely Delivery
  • Complete Control over Project
  • Latest Technological Tools
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Fixed Time & Fixed Price

WhereOur leading Python development company offers fixed-time and fixed-budget engagement model to cater to your well-defined goals and short-term project.

At Quixom, we follow a strict policies favouring:

  • Complete Control over Scope
  • Sprint-based Billing
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Agile Methodology
  • Latest Technological Tools
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