EdTech solutions are on rising across the globe, given the increased use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Smart Learning. As per the reports, it has been found that the global EdTech market which was valued at USD 106.46 bn in 2021, is expected to rise at a CAGR of 16.5% by the end of 2030.

Today’s contemporary EdTech Solutions are seeking the support of Advanced Python Development for weaving in seamless experiences around educational services. It helps develop solutions encompassing video-based learning, social learning, microlearning, personalized learning, and even more.

With the growth of technology achieving peak performance in the education arena, it’s time for companies to cultivate ease in the EdTech business using custom Learning Management Systems. Such Python-backed software solutions would provide businesses with in-built content management modules, social networking features, and effective course delivery, amongst a well-spun series.

The key features and merits that revolves around custom Learning Management Systems


Custom Learning Management Systems are decked with a load of features that are hailed by the education leaders worldwide. Let’s take a glance over them here –

Learning content management

  • It supports diverse content including text, audio, video, and images
  • Learning Management Systems embeds content from different external sources
  • LMS helps with advanced search options

eLearning management

  • It assigns and enrolls learners for training
  • LMS schedules training sessions
  • It tracks training activities
  • Custom LMS provides alerts and notifications
  • It offers the facility of virtual classrooms
  • It aids in mobile learning

Learning assessment and feedback

  • Custom Learning Management Systems provides for tests, quizzes, polls, and surveys
  • It supports with certification and competency management
  • It facilitates timely and accurate reporting/feedback

Social learning

  • It helps with RSS feeds
  • LMS offers the platform of forums and discussion boards
  • It supports with content ranking and commenting

This was just a gist, and there’s more to it for which technical experts could help one out. But, there’s one thing to take note of that whether one be a startup, enterprise, mid-sized company, NPO, or even a corporate training center, such custom Learning Management Systems has benefits loaded.

The final verdict

Such massive growth of Python-backed Learning Management Systems can prove helpful even in lending economic benefits. They can help in mitigating training costs as learning online will bring down the expenses related to mobility while facilitating reusable training content.

The time and costs employed when employee onboarding could be reduced, while also facilitating enhanced training efficiency. Moreover, custom Learning Management Systems would bring in higher engagement and personalized learning paths that would eventually foster higher employee productivity.

Now, if one would wonder how Quixom could help with this? Well, we can carry out a number of tasks such as gathering requirements, carrying out project analysis, driving discussions, initiating projects, practicing development and integration, alongside even quality testing. Having a project in mind? Contact our expert professionals to help one’s EdTech businesses with best-class Python solutions.

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