Best DevOps Tools for Planning used by the DevOps Engineers for Planning & Project Management

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The planning stage in DevOps is the first phase of the DevOps pipeline and refers to the business value and […]

Here’s how Shell’s productivity got a boost with the help of AI!

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With increased usage and dependability of businesses on AI, growth in every industry is witnessed. Whether it’s a team’s internal system or any other […]

Google Adopted Python – A Secret to Being Super Successful

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Python is one of the popular programming languages well-known as a highly adaptable language that supports developers to develop and maintain projects easily with […]

Top Benefits and Opportunities of Python for Product Development

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Python is one of the most popular programming languages which is used by a major chunk of segments such as web development, data analysis, […]

Automation in DevOps: Get your Queries Resolved!

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“By 2020, we will have flying cars!” envisioned someone influential, and everyone present must have been reflected with the same enthusiasm.

Well, we didn’t […]

Why Opt for Python for Web Development? Benefits and Disadvantages

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Web development?

Is it a primary site for business? Do you […]

Kubernetes vs Docker: What is the Right Interpretation?

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Kubernetes vs Docker is quite a popular phrase in recent times as the former is garnering tons of attention from the developer community. However, […]

What is the Role of ML and AI in DevOps Transformation?

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Machine learning and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the conventional workflow for almost every industry. On the other side, DevOps is, in turn, marching ahead […]

Top Use Cases of Flask for Custom Python Software Development

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You might have had an official introduction to Flask for the development of a backend. Flask is a web-based framework with comprehensive libraries, tools, […]