With increased usage and dependability of businesses on AI, growth in every industry is witnessed. Whether it’s a team’s internal system or any other procedure around the work premise, finding AI is quite normal these days. The scenario is no different in the case of processes conducted at Shell- one of the most diversified oil companies in the world.

If there is a single system that can ease the process and at the same time multiply the power of productivity, then it’s the implementation of AI in Shell’s system. With the help of AI implementation in Shell, the procurement process at Shell is not only able to generate fruitful results but is also receiving global recognition.

So, what exactly has Shell implemented and how? Let’s explore!

Here is how Shell implemented AI


Technology Used: AI
Department: Procurement
System Improvised: Shell’s S2C (Source-to-Contract) and E2E (End-to-End) processes

To streamline and fasten the Contract Authoring process at Shell, AI has played a significant role. As we all know, Contract Authoring in procurement is a tedious process of preparing an agreement between the parties involved and that includes many specificities like clauses, terms & conditions, obligations, and much more. In the case of Shell, to conduct this process, a big chunk of information was available to them which made it really difficult for the team to determine the rightly curated agreement in less time. But, with the help of AI, the procurement team at Shell is able to have around 6 Million possible combinations by automatically assembling around 4000 different clauses using a combination of 50 key data points and automation. After this, the contract is finalised and sent for the signature process. After it gets signed, an outline agreement is sent via an automatic bot.

The process that takes place after this is also done automatically. It is done faster, without any error, and without any human intervention. Not only it saves time but it also gives space for the employees to utilise their efforts in a different set of tasks. Overall, it enhances the team’s productivity leading to a better and faster flow of work.

Benefits of AI implementation in this case

  • A long and complex process is made simpler.
  • Saves the team’s lot of time and effort.
  • Task accuracy is maintained as well as enhanced.
  • Error-free and faster work is rolled out.
  • Streamlined contract authorising process
  • Improved cost and efficiency in the system.
  • Employees can now dedicate their saved time to different ethical Shell tasks.

With regards to this same process, let’s see what a team member at Shell has to say about the implementation of AI in the procurement process at Shell :

“We are now able to connect End-To-End (E2E) process that would not have been possible in the past.”

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