Python is one of the popular programming languages well-known as a highly adaptable language that supports developers to develop and maintain projects easily with different complications. This article illustrates how the internet giant Google gained the advantage by using the Python programming language.

Let’s take a look over how, when and why Google adopted Python and the extraordinary benefits Python has offered to Google and how Python has been recognized as one of the 3 official languages of Google.

About Google


Google is an American-based multinational technology company that focuses mainly on delivering seamless search engine technology. The tech giant Google LLC was founded on 4th September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Right from the beginning, Google supports Python as its key programming language.

Google was established with the mission to organize the world’s detailed information and allow people from all over the world to access it easily and leverage its usefulness. Google has launched several helpful products for everyone and all of their products are designed with perfection along with full safety.

You can easily find the list of Google products here. Python being declared the official language of Google along with C++ and Java, Google developers praise Python for their own inclination of growth. In addition, the net giant Google has a very strong relationship with the highly adaptive programming language Python and promotes it largely.

When and Why Google Adopted Python?

Google has been using Python right from the beginning. The implementation of Python language enables Google to maintain their projects very easily and also deliver their new projects relatively faster when compared with C++.

However, some of the Google Scripts were originally written in Perl and Bash because the first system administrators hired by Google are a very strong mastery of Perl and Bash. They used these languages to develop a few complex internal systems. Later to make things much easier for deployments and maintenance, those complex internal systems were re-coded to Python.

Python plays an important part in Google; in fact, it is the official language of Google Server-side language. Owing to this, almost every googler is prolific in Python. Some Googlers play the role of key contributors to the Python language.

Although, internal people of Google use PHP, C#, Ruby, and Perl technologies for various development yet Python suits well for Google’s engineering process. Many Google APIs and several internal systems of Google run on Python.

How did Google use Python?

Google engineers use Python to build Google System, administration tools for generating reports/logs, Google Apps, A/Q Testing, Code Review Tools, and so on.
Take a look at how Google exactly uses Python.

  • Google App Engine: One of the primary cloud computing platforms for developers to host and develop web apps.
  • YouTube: One of the popular video sharing and social media platforms.
  • Google developer’s main website.
  • Open-source libraries: Python libraries like Google Data Python Client Library, Google APIs Client Library for Python, Google AdWords API Python Client Library, and so for easy access to data.

Because of the high flexibility, supreme performance, scalability, and rapid development, Google adopted Python actively and supported it by sponsoring Python conferences like PyCon, EuroPython, and so on.

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