Quixom Technology is a Python software development Company, established with a clear vision to help businesses reach their pinnacle with our best software development practices. We are among the best IT service spaces to enterprises across the globe. Our business success is an outcome of our relentless approach towards bringing performant python software and solutions in the world, where enterprises face complex growth challenges.

Given our expertise and drive for perfection, Quixom has been recognized as one of the best and brightest IT Services Spaces in India in 2022 by Clutch. The title empowers Quixom, as one of the best IT service spaces, to push our boundaries and at the same time, we assume the responsibility to deliver and deploy a software that’s not an ounce less than the quality desired by our clients.

From the Founder’s Desk


“Amid the looming uncertainties encircling the COVID-19 situation, Clutch has been a spine for many organizations looking for the shift in the IT service space. It has helped us explore the underlying trends across the horizontal business space and determine the shifting paradigms in enterprise IT requirements.

All this collectively has proved to be valuable for Quixom and has helped us grow in the right tangent. Today, we feel immensely delighted to be acknowledged amongst the top IT services companies in India by Clutch. We, as a Quixom unit, are truly delighted to be a part of the best and brightest IT Services Spaces in India for this year. We will continue to put in our best efforts to restore the position and climb uphill.

This recognition feels like a benchmark achieved! It has motivated us to work more profoundly in our domain and bear the responsibility of sustaining the trust that this award has bestowed on us.”

Priyank Dobariya, Founder, Quixom Technology

About Clutch

Clutch is a trusted source of reviews and ratings platform, helping tech-heads make the right decision pertaining to their software development partners. Clutch assesses thousands of B2B businesses on various parameters and facilitates a clear and transparent feedback arena for clients of Clutch-registered companies to furnish a precise representation of their project management expertise.

We’re truly esteemed to be recognized as one of the best IT service spaces this year!

We also express our gratitude to our esteemed partners for taking out time from their hectic schedules and sharing honest feedback about our work. This doesn’t end here. We have a long way to go.

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