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We, at Quixom, hold expertise in the development of modern EdTech solution with our advanced python development services. Our developers provide customized and platform-oriented eLearning solutions that can offer a student and teacher-centric, modern, and engaging solutions.

With rich experience in the python development, our proficient developers have set a track record for the development of video-based learning, personalized learning, social learning, microlearning, and content curation.

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We are recognized as one of the leading python development companies in the U.S. and U.K. in the EdTech industry. Our skilled developers make it easier for your learners and tutors to interact in an effective manner.

Our services span more than the ones mentioned above. We can offer you with the advanced tool for escalating your business to new heights.

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Quixom is the one-stop solution for the integration of advanced technology for your business. Below is a glimpse of what technologies we use to develop high-end edtech solution.

How can Quixom Help you Stay at the Top of your EdTech Game?

In the IT industry, where C++ and Java remained the highly used languages, the popularity of python was remote. With the advent of technologies such as data science and analytics, the complexity related to revisions for the code written in C++ and Java started surfacing, and companies started to look for alternate solutions.

At that particular time, python developers were working as independent contractors, and the rate of project abandonment was high. We could envision the distorted state of the python industry and envisioned a concept of quality python development. We visualized a vicinity where clients have the freedom of thoughts in their requirement, and that they are guided in the way that is favorable for their business’ growth.

After collaborating with the best python developing heads in the industry, we thought to bring the concept out of the incubation, and thus Quixom was born.

It has been four years since the birth of Quixom, and we are growing with our clients.


Innovation-driven Development Approach

We have a dedicated research and development approach for the development of business-specific solutions that include advanced technology. At Quixom, our developers leverage artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, machine learning, blockchain, and big data for building edtech solutions.


eLearning Domain Knowledge

Our rich experience in the development of edtech solutions helps us deliver customized eLearning solutions. We offer immersive edtech solutions for students to improve their concentration level.


Data Privacy and Security

We offer high-quality security standards for the eLearning solution to ensure that the payment and the sharing of the learning materials are spread evenly. In addition to this, we provide necessary automation to your edtech business for you to run a business in a seamless manner.

How can Quixom Help your Edtech Business with Python Solutions?

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