Let’s tell you an IT story…

In the IT industry, where C++ and Java remained the highly used languages, the popularity of python was remote. With the advent of technologies such as data science and analytics, the complexity related to revisions for the code written in C++ and Java started surfacing, and companies started to look for the alternate solutions.

At that particular time, python developers were working as independent contractors, and the rate of project abandonment was high. We could envision the distorted state of the python industry, and envisioned a concept of quality python development. We visualized a vicinity where clients have the freedom of thoughts in their requirement, and that they are guided in the way that is favourable for their business’ growth.

After collaborating with the best python developing heads in the industry, we thought to bring the concept out of the incubation, and thus Quixom was born.

It has been four years since the birth of Quixom, and we are growing with our clients.


Our Vision

To follow the best practices for python development and collaborate with the proficient python developers to help businesses reach their pinnacle.

Our Mission

Encourage an environment of trust among clients, who have been victim to project abandonment and project delays with our ethical and timely python development approach.


Why our Clients Recognize the ‘Q’ in Quixom for Quality


Outcome-based Design and Development

We have a sophisticated design and development approach with the recognition of the target market, industry, and the project requirement in the first phase. Our analytical skills help us in offering a feasible solution for your business.


Respect for Innovation

We love challenges, and when our clients come up with a unique idea, we look forward to brainstorming and creative conflicts to be able to come up with the best possible solution. Our ability to walk the extra mile for our clients helps us in ensuring better client retention and satisfaction rate.


Known to Advanced Technology

We hold the potential to serve our clients with the best python solutions with our extensive knowledge and experimentation skills in regards to the latest technologies. We keep ourselves updated with the latest technology stack and explore new possibilities to develop a unique solution.