Do you know around 48% of developers worldwide are using Python programming languages? Unarguably, Python is one of the most preferred programming languages, be it for development, AI-related, accessing databases, or number-crunching in Statistics.

Let’s explore some of the popular companies that use python language to develop websites and apps. But, before moving ahead and checking the list of companies using Python. Let’s brush up a little with Python’s history and more.

Python is mainly used as a high-level programming language. It was designed in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum. It was developed under the Python software foundation. It is a powerful programming language that offers higher code readability and allows fewer lines of code that are easy to understand syntax. Guido Van Rossum started working on the project as a hobby at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) situated in the Netherlands.

Python uses the ABC programming language and has an interface with the Amoeba Operating System. The syntax of ABC has been featured in Python development. Python has become popular because it uses limited syntax and less code having higher readability when compared with other programming languages such as C, C++, and Java.

Right from the very beginning, Google is the main supporter of the Python programming language. Google has backed the Python language for a very long time as its official server-side language. Currently, the programming language Python 3.10.6 is the latest version which was released on 2nd Aug 2022. The popularity of the Python programming language continues to grow yearly. It is expected to rise by 50% by the end of 2022 due to high demand in many modern fields like software development, AI, ML, and Data Science.

One of the most recognizable companies using Python is Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) to create the effects for Star Wars. However, Python stats reveal that most popular companies use Python, the top programming language. And, some of the famous companies using Python are listed below along with how they benefited from using the python programming language.



1. Google

Google is one of the most popular companies using Python programming language from the very beginning. Python is the preferred language for tech companies like Google as it allows speedy deployment, easy maintenance, and readability. Google has decided to make use of the C++ language as a part of memory control coding syntax that enables imperative memory controls with limited latency.

Google is also written using Perl and Bash scripts and its web crawling spider in Java 1.0, but both of them have been re-coded into Python due to their scalability, readability, and excellent performance. Apart from that, Python has been widely used in Google APP Engine, Google AdWords, YouTube, AI & ML, search engine algorithms, and Robotics projects.

Key Highlights:

  • Python offers excellent programming code and has become a part of Google’s success story over the years. Most Google engineers use Python as the primary language in providing their services.
  • Google started its journey with the Python language in its starting days. From then, there is no looking back. Even today, Google uses Python as it offers easy maintenance and is helpful at the stage of deployment.
  • Python runs on various online services, including YouTube, Android, etc. along with many Google internal systems and many Google APIs as it fits seamlessly with the engineering process at Google.
  • As Python was originally designed for Google App Engine, it enables Google to build web applications using its rich collection of libraries, tools, and frameworks.
  • Python supposes advanced operations based on language and it has become a part of Google’s inner frameworks.

2. Netflix

Another one on the list is Netflix. Yes, you read it right, Netflix is also among the companies using Python. It makes use of the power of data analysis of Python when you use it on the server side. Most of the engineers working at Netflix use Python which is well suited for several applications. Netflix mainly depends on the standard library offered by Python which can be actively used as a part of the development community.

The third-party rich variety of libraries is useful in managing every problem faced. Python offers its services on Central Alert Gateway. The web applications can alert the system and allow it to be used with every rule and responsibility. The applications developed using Python have become part of Netflix’s success. The apps are highly effective and handle every process intelligently by reducing the work of engineers and developers.

Key Highlights:

  • Python has become a part of Netflix with the help of monkey apps that offer great assistance with regards to keeping a chance on all the security issues.
  • The EC2 security uses monkey apps, Bless, Repokid, and Lemur that was developed using Python to achieve essential goals, including risk classification, security automation, auto-remediation, etc.
  • From Traffic Distribution to Fleet Efficiency, Capacity Operations, and Regional Failovers of the Netflix cloud are built primarily on the Python programming language.
  • Being a content delivery network, Netflix is involved in streaming the videos seamlessly and this is possible with Open connect. It is the most crucial element of the platform written in Python language. Additionally, network devices including CDN are also managed by Python applications.
  • Netflix relies on Python’s framework, Metaflow, extensively to execute ML projects, from the prototype stage to production, for artwork personalization, recommendation, and marketing algorithms. Metaflow enables Netflix to optimize Python code to fetch data at 10Gbps, orchestrate computation of more than tens of thousands of CPU cores, and manage hundreds of millions of data points in memory.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a feature-facing platform and Python has been of great help there. One of the main reasons Instagram chooses Python is its simplicity, scalability, and popularity among the developers and thus, facilitating the resources becoming easy for this rapidly growing company.

Instagram has raised its users to 500 million which increases the requirement to expand efficiency and speed to keep their service on scaling with ease. Engineers at Instagram use Python and Pyre to create static sort checkers that help them with scaling and efficiency.

Django for web applications, site pages, and web organizations is also used by Instagram whereas Sentry, an open-source Django application, is used for error bugs. So, these are some of Python’s best capabilities and a great contribution for Instagram to serve its users without a glitch.

Key Highlights:

  • Python supports Instagram to implement the business logic to handle the largest settings that allow 800 mn monthly users to work actively.
  • CPython is implemented as a part of Python while executing the code.
  • InstaPy, a bot to automate Instagram activities, was developed using Python which enables users to gain and interact with more followers on a daily basis.
  • Python framework is considered the most suitable for mobile app development. It is considered the best compatible backend programming language with many other front-end programming languages such as Java, Kotlin, and Swift.

4. Spotify

Since speed is a priority for Spotify, Python has helped Spotify with the same. Spotify has a wide range of services connected with the messaging protocol. These services are based on 80% of Python programming languages. As the key priorities of Spotify are growth and rapid development and thus, they use Python for developing its streaming services.

Spotify is also one of the largest companies using Python today, as it hires over 6000 Python processes that work together with the nodes of the Hadoop cluster, which is used in Luigi a Python Module to provide information and recommendations to users.

In addition, Python manages a large number of back-end services which help to have better communication. It also makes use of an open-source networking library along with a strong framework that is completely supported by Python and C++. The main reason for Spotify to use Python is it offers a fast development pipeline with the help of Python coding.

Key Highlights:

  • Python gives complete support to Spotify at the backend and also in data analysis.
  • Python handles many interdependent services for Spotify that take place in the back end which includes controlling the messaging protocol over the other apps such as ZerpMQ.
  • GraphWalker is used to do model-based testing of both user-facing clients and some APIs. Spotify ported the GraphWalker runner to Python to simplify the integration with their Python services.
  • With the help of Python programming language, 90% of Spotify’s map-reduce jobs are written.
  • Python along with data analytics used by Spotify to provide services, ‘Discover’ and the Radio to its users. Spotify’s map-reduce jobs.
  • Hadoop can manage to interpret Luigi which is used by Spotify.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud-based storage system that has become popular among users and has also made use of Python. In fact, the creator of Python, Guido van Rossum worked for Dropbox while he was still a part of Google. Rossel worked in Dropbox not as a leader but as an engineer. He improved his ability to share stored data with other users who were part of the Dropbox community.

The Dropbox libraries and the internals have become part of an efficient API which is a part of Python development. Most of these engineers working at Dropbox were happy to have Dropbox development which is based on server-side coding in Python. The usage of various libraries of Python on Mac and Windows systems offered a unique experience.

Key Highlights:

  • With the help of Python, Dropbox is able to get complete cross-platform support
  • The scaling of Dropbox can rapidly change with the use of Python.

6. Reddit

Reddit is a website that has 540 mn visitors on a monthly basis. The website has been active since 2017 and it can be considered one of the most visited websites in the United States. The website has 73 mn interactions and nearly 82 bn page views.

Earlier, the Reddit platform was built using the programming language Lisp. But in the year 2005, after its launch in the market, the entire coding was changed into Python. Python offers a range of libraries that are highly flexible in the development work. The entire web framework is considered an open-source project. Reddit uses Python because of its wide range of libraries’ advanced architecture.

Key Highlights:

  • The employees working at Reddit without knowledge of Python can read and understand the code because the syntax is easy to understand and feels similar to the English language.
  • Python is considered to be an easy-to-read, easy to write easy-to-understand programming language that most developers prefer to work with.

7. Quora

Quora is one of the most popular question-and-answer platforms having millions of interactions. The company has spent time with several programming languages before narrowing it to Python. Python works efficiently while managing the site but it legs in type checking and it is relatively slow.

The company has preferred Python over C# because of the Microsoft proprietary. Quora needed to have open-source code that can support the language at its best. Java language was not compatible and the company needed to have an open-source language that would continue to grow.

Key Highlights:

  • An open source web framework, Tornado released by Python was adopted by Quora for live updating their web service.
  • Quora uses Python for client-server interactions that enable generally based on question-and-answer type actions and reactions.

8. Stripe

Stripe is a startup that mainly deals in online payment services. Several major companies make use of the Stripe platform as a part of a business deal.

Stripe has been developed in Python. Python is preferred for its versatile framework and also the extended set of libraries that helps to create a powerful business application. Stripe is mainly built on an application programming interface that Python offers with cross-compatibility.

The application is highly useful and can be preferred to use either on mobile or using websites. Python offers that technique to remove white spaces in particular characters from the strings when entered.

Key Highlights:

  • Python is mainly used as a programming language for the banking and finance industry. It is widely used to handle a variety of tasks of a finance organization
  • It is used as a part of investment banking by Stripe as it solves all types of quantitative problems related to trade management risk management and pricing.

9. Pinterest

Pinterest is popularly understood as an online scrapbook and a popular social bookmarking website. It has millions of visitors who share information related to their interests and hobbies. The users can create visual pins that represent their ideas, views, hobbies, and life inspiration.

Pinterest is developed in Python by specifically using Django. It allows users to create designs and share photos of their choice and interest. The entire work of the website can be handled using Python. Python-based websites allow doing data analysis along with data visualization. Python can be used for task automation processes.

Key Highlights:

  • The vast set of Python libraries helps the Pinterest platform in extending its support to the users.

10. NASA

NASA also makes use of Python as a part of its work. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is well known for its space research and shuttle mission planning and is also among the popular companies that use Python.

Programming language Python has become a part of the Workflow Automation System (WAS). Python can tackle the complexities very effectively. Several future projects that NASA has planned are mainly using Python as the main programming language.

Python can be used in many areas that include front-end and back-end development, application development using data science, and web development that uses Machine Learning along with Artificial Intelligence. It can also be used in DevOps.

Key Highlights:

  • Python programming language is also used by NASA for data analysis, data manipulation, and data inference.
  • NumPy is the Python module used by NASA to perform numerical operations on large quantities of data and MatPlotLib to create visuals in Python.

11. Uber

Uber has started to ride and share services with passengers at affordable costs. Uber has also started its extended services of food delivery under the name UberEats services. Uber is one of the many companies using Python and its entire setup of the software is mainly based on Python. It makes use of Python, Node.js, and Tornado as the Python framework.

Uber has millions of users who make use of the application while using the hire & share services. Python has been used in the entire development of the application by extending the services from frontend to backend functionalities. Python is mainly used by Uber for its capability to make mathematical calculations.

Key Highlights:

  • Being an open-source programming language, Python is used by Uber for routing, service discovery, creating logging functions, and data management (user profile fetching).
  • Python enhances the productivity of every process and activity, including data collection and analysis processes, and so on.
  • Uber’s Python application development uses Artificial Intelligence data science back-end and front-end development along with machine learning to conduct mathematical calculations.
  • Uber has created a sophisticated application using Python that helps millions of passengers across the world.

12. Amazon

Amazon is one of the top companies using Python in many areas of development and on various platforms. It makes use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques that can help in offering customized services to users.

The programming language Python helps to keep track of customers’ habits and recommend products and services accordingly. It is mainly used for software engineering.

Key Highlights:

  • Python is an object-oriented programming language that has lots of attractive features to handle Big Data. Being scalable and portable makes Amazon prefer Python over others.
  • Amazon uses the automation script and prototype apps to have effective usage.
  • Python has become a language of modern web and mobile development which is certainly an advantage for Amazon.
  • The majority of libraries are part of machine language and data science which can have a Python interface, which is popular and scalable.

13. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey conducts all types of surveys and processes millions of responses on a daily basis. The entire web development of the company was made using .NET and C# earlier. But the entire processing and execution of the software took a long time and so the entire web development of SurveyMonkey was made using Python.

Python added various features as a part of several systems offered. The powerful libraries have offered flexibility to the web application which works faster. Python offers various tools that are used as a part of the deployment in unit testing.

Besides, hiring professional developers of Python is much easier for SurveyMonkey, due to its high popularity.

Key Highlights:

  • SurveyMonkey chooses Python because of its simplicity. (easy to read and understand).
  • Python offers several tools & tons of libraries using which SurveyMonkey builds web apps much faster and deploys them quickly.
  • SurveyMonkey developers enjoy working in the Python environment as it has powerful functionalities and web APIs that allow services to communicate easily.

Future of Python – What’s next?


Python is used from Google to NASA. It shows the power of a programming language and its usefulness in every area of development. According to a recent survey, Python programming language has ranked second in popularity and it has impressive growth of 50%.

In the next year, it is anticipated that Python will rise by 50% and will become one of the most useful and popular programming languages worldwide. Today most companies use Python as a part of their mean programming language and offer high-quality services to the world. Most and more companies will join the Python club in the coming days due to many of the following reasons:

Data Science: The arena of data science is one of the fastest growing sectors in Python due to its ease to learn. The wide range of libraries offered by Python will be helpful for numerous data scientists around the world.

Cloud Computing: Cloud Computing is the next trend in Python, given its focus on Data Protection, something that the technology stack of Python delivers seamlessly.

Artificial Intelligence: Recently, Python is being increasingly used for developing AI-driven applications as they enable smooth management of heavy data requirements.

Business Application: Being a powerful programming language, Python allows enterprises to build high-quality applications and to make relevant modifications continuously.

Embedded Application: The dependency of Python language on C language allows developers to build more embedded C programming software for embedded applications. This leads to creating more high-performing applications on small devices.

Python – one language to rule ‘em all!

Python is an object-oriented and modular language that supports math and AI. It can be considered the future programming language of the world. Python has global recognition that helps extend its services in all different fields and areas of work. The Python community is getting extended and offers a variety of DreamWorks and functionalities as a part of libraries which remains in the favor of developers. Thus, more companies use Python programming language in their software development projects.

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