Custom web applications

Since inception, we have focused on all market segments for web application development. We have had customers all over the globe and offer web application development and services as below:

  • Managed IT services for web application development
  • eCommerce website or web applications development
  • CMS website development
  • CRM web application development
  • ERP web Application development
  • IOT web application dashboard development
  • MOOC web application development using EDX
  • Analytics Web application dashboard development
  • Business Corporate website development
  • Any custom web application idea to be implemented
  • Only Payment gateway integration or product payments online
  • Custom web application based on product idea
  • Web Application development for devOps and cloud data

Team at Quixom take care of the UX part of any application with our dedicated team of designers focussing on creating UI/UX with least number of clicks and which is more intutive and straightforward. We utilize front-end packages like Bootstrap for responsive web application development. Thus, we also focus on mobile friendly web application development along with the normal desktop version. This helps our customers reach a bigger market segment. Quixom has a team of developers in the below mentioned tech domains:

  • Django Oscar developers
  • Django CMS developers
  • Django CRM developers
  • Django developers
  • Python developers
  • EDX developers
  • Django REST developers
  • Django TASTYPIE developers
  • Magento developers
  • Angular JS developers
  • React JS developers

As mentioned above we utilize front-end frameworks like Angular JS and React JS for bringing out the best in code management and front-end efficiency. As far as our web application development is concerned, we provide both Managed IT services wherein we take care of everything for you. Right from requirement gathering and preparing SRS to implementation, Testing and deployment. But on the other hand, there are many individuals and organizations which only require a single developer or a team to work on their agenda along with them. For such customers, we have our hire a developer initiative. Below are the details of our developers which you can hire.

  • Hire Python developers
  • Hire DJango developers
  • Hire Django CMS developers
  • Hire Django Oscar developers
  • Hire Node.js developers
  • Hire EDX developers
  • Hire Angular JS developers
  • Hire React JS developers



    We create web apps for every business sector. To name a few: eCommerce, Analytics Dashboard, IOT + Web Dashboard Control and Monitoring, CMS based sites, cloud services, Web Addons & all types of custom web solutions. We choose the best open source technology stack based on the need.

  • Best in UI/UX

    We prepare wire frames, use cases, PSD designs and implement the same into a web application to create the best of User Experience(UX). Behind the scenes, we utilize the latest in front end technology e.g. Angular 2, React JS, etc to reach our objectives. This gives your application a new feel and also solves the core business objective.


    All our web applications come up with Site Admin dashboard for a better management, monitoring and changing of Application content, user monitoring, analytics and a lot more. This will give your business a better control and visibility to take the right decisions and make relative changes. CMS based sites enable its administrators to change content on the go which makes it easy and fast to adapt based on user inputs or user behaviour.


    All our Web Apps except the ones which are purely for internal business purposes are SEO friendly. While developing, we take care of the SEO standards which leads to the fundamental SEO done all by itself. This becomes a huge boost for businesses who are seeking customers online by bringing them their sales lead which can help them creating a better business metrics.


Quixom Technology provides post development support which comprises of fixing and optimization of any part of the application within the scope.


Core back-end Business Logic with Python


Web App Backend using Django


Front End MVC using Angular and React JS


Hosting using Amazon and Digital Ocean



Responsive Designs Using Bootstrap