web application design

Website is not just

For a change, website is not just static representation. A modern website does more than just that. Websites prevalent lack lustre based on the website dynamics and back-end features. Design is always a priority but a robust and easy to manage back-end is a plus. Following the modern web technologies and keeping pace with the nitty-gritty, we here @ Quixom provide you with solutions that can live by themselves along with growing competition in design and back-end technologies.


Along with strong content management and back end, responsive designs are creating a huge demand for the businesses just because a single maintained site can work on all platforms. We make responsive website designs as per your requirements. Usage of bootstrap, foundation, etc., website design gains more likes and boosts your businesses. Responsive templates can work on all small, large medium scaled devices. With the outcome of smart TVs, our designs also work on extra large screened sized devices. Thus, a large amount of responsiveness in website design is rendered.

We work on cutting 'EDGE TECHNOLOGIES'

Following the modern MVC frameworks like Django, Google App Engine with Python, Grok, Pylons, TurboGears, web2py, Zope2, etc. We make development cycle faster and content easy to manage. We follow agile development technique to make the development faster and deployment on time. This creates a win-win situation for businesses over the globe. MVC web-application development has become more or less necessary to manage content especially for sites that require content up gradation every now and then. Web development with frameworks like Django makes application development modular.

As we follow SOA, i.e. Service Oriented Architecture, it helps us to create application such that they are loosely coupled. Website or web-applications we build are loosely coupled internally leaving a scope of scalability and adaptability with time. As technology is changing day-in and day-out, it is more or less necessary to keep the code pluggable. Most of our web applications use python as the back end which is one of the fastest and growing amongst the cutting edge programming languages which provides us with strong constructs and data-structures.

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