Project Description
Backup and monitoring solutions for your wordrpess sites”.
Total Site Backup is one of those applications that was built for backup and restore of wordpress websites. More often than not, we face problems maintaining the versions of websites, finding backups and creating a one click restore. This solution is the best under its kind and the backup and restore all occurs over cloud storage.
Total Site Backup was an initiative by Roi Shillo, who is a director of ITCommunities. ITCommunities is a global developer network that is administered by Roi. The product serves Wordpress sites with solutions like providing multiple backup options, restoring the backup to a sandbox location, restoring it to the hosting server, site monitoring, etc.
ITCommunitites is a global Programmers group administered by Roi Shillo, who has served in Technology research and as CTO of many growing companies. This application had been started by him as an initiative to act as a solution many wordpress websites.
Our path to achieve Total Site Backup
  • Worpress Plugin development to be installed on the Wordpress Site
  • Backup Script and solution to backup database, website code and other configuration files.
  • Restore to Sandbox functionality that restores the application to a third party server with the Database and configurations automated
  • Restore to original location where the site was originally hosted
  • Multiple backup options
What we have for users.
  • Multi Site Backup & Restore
    • Backup, restore and manage all of your Wordpress sites from one place.
  • Monitoring & Keep Alive
    • Real time monitoring of your site's key pages. Analyse suspicious spikes, and get alerts when your site is down or behaves abnormally.
  • Site Staging / Migration
    • Develop and test your website on one Wordpress site (staging), and then replicate it entirely to your production site.
    • Alternatively, use this feature for an easy site migration from one hoster to another, or across virtual machines.
Project Details