product testing and validation

Why 'Testing' and

Testing is way beyond random thumping of the keyboard hoping to find defects; testing is about true understanding of the required solution, participating in the planning of the approach taken to deliver it, understanding the risks in the delivery methods and how to identify them as soon as possible to allow the appropriate corrective action to be taken. Testing is about setting projects up for success and helping everyone to understand the appropriate level of success required.

Companies need to ensure effective and efficient testing strategies to build quality software products. Testing processes have to be efficient, repeatable, accurate and cost-effective. Incomplete or flawed products could significantly erode business revenuesand product –line credibility.

Validation is intended to ensure a product, service, or system (or portion thereof, or set thereof) result in a product, service, or system that meets the operational needs of the user.For a new development flow or verification flow, validation procedures may involve modelling either flow and using simulations to predict faults or gaps that might lead to invalid or incomplete verification or development of a product, service, or system. A set of validation requirements, specifications, and regulations may then be used as a basis for qualifying a development flow or verification flow for a product, service, or system.

What makes us 'Different?'

Quixom Technology provides assurance that a product, service, or system meets the needs of the customer and other identified stakeholders by Validation and also the evaluation of whether or not a product, service, or system complies with a regulation, requirement, specification, or imposed condition

We perform following Core Testing before we hand over a final product:

Testing of complete application environment.

Testing of modules of products.

Measuring response times and throughput rates under a variety of conditions.

Testing either modules or the complete product to determine whether it will function as planned and as actually used.

Examining the behaviour of the system at, and beyond, the limits of its resources by subjecting it to excessively high loads.

Testing applications or entire systems to ensure successfully recover from hardware and software failures without undue loss of data or data integrity.

Ensuring that security mechanisms cannot be breached either maliciously or accidentally.

Rerunning test cases which a program has previously executed correctly in order to detect errors spawned by changes or corrections made during software development and maintenance.

Continuous testing of an application as new functionality is recommended.

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