Project Description
SureFarm, a Product where ideas meet intelligence. SureFarm is revolutionary product that‘s designed to make the irrigation easiest than it ever was. As the name suggest “SureFarm designed to take away the headache from you and make it completely virtual” with just one click of button you can manage inflow/outflow of water levels in your field. SureFarm provides visual analysis of recent atmosphere so that you can analyze what kind of crops you need in your farm during various seasons of year with all that there’s so much that SureFarm comes up with let’s have some insights.
Why SureFarm is “Smart”? There’s a reason why we call it “Smart” and to understand you need to know about how it actually works?
SureFarm works in very intelligent way Let’s see that in brief. Assume a field consists of following things:
Actuators: A device placed in field to maintain the inflow/outflow of water levels in field.
Sensors: SureFarm has two kinds of sensors placed inside the fields water sensor which detects the water level in fields and moisture sensors which detects the moisture level in field.
RF200: A transceiver that can communicate with actuators placed inside field.
Django server: A Django installed device which can communicate with RF200 and serve user a interface for handling actuators that placed inside field.
Now, assume a scenario where user wants to open/close actuators at some particular time. So what happens when you have SureFarm backed field.
  1. User commands to open/close particular actuator in field from Django served interface.
  2. Django server communicates with RF200 and gives command to it to open actuator.
  3. RF200 opens actuator and that’s how the smart work is done.

Why do the hard work where you can do the smart work? SureFarm takes away all the hard work from user and makes it so much easier than it ever was. Let’s see what SureFarm has in its store for its users.
Scheduling:SureFarm facilitate user to schedule inflow/outflow of water so that user need not has to worry about irrigate the crops manually. SureFarm has actuators placed in field which is used to maintain inflow/outflow of water in field. User can open/close actuator for current time or he/she can schedule it for future that when he/she wants to open actuators and when he/she wants to close it also user can save schedule in database so that if he/she wants to repeat the same schedule over the next year/season all he/she need to do is save that particular schedule and decide it when to apply it in future.
Analysing:When you’re in for smart work it’s just not enough to have proper planning you must analyze and mind your surroundings and when you are in farming you definitely want to mind your surroundings . with SureFarm, we have various sensors placed in fields which detects various weather parameters like soil moisture, water levels and etc. SureFarm provide visual representation of soil moisture over the period so that you can plan accordingly also with water sensors in place you can also know set different water levels according to various crops so that actuators can be automatically closed when water level reached to threshold value set by user.
Complete Monitoring:SureFarm provides complete monitoring of system. It notifies user about every single detail from opening actuators to water levels reaching threshold values. SureFarm also provide email and phone alerts apart from that it creates various log files so that user can track every operation’s detail.
Restoring and Backup:Smart work is not everything you need to have contingency plan if things go wrong with SureFarm we believe the same and that’s why we provide the facility of backup and restore the database. SureFarm takes backup your database at regular period and also gives you the rights of backing up your database manually anytime you want.
Farming was never that much fun: When you do the smart work its inevitable that’s it’s going to pay and as a result of SureFarm user is far more relaxed than it was before SureFarm. All a user needs to do is sit back, relax and enjoying farming because all the hard work is going to done by SureFarm.
Project Details
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