Project Description
"Cooler place to share photos & videos, privately”
Cool, the one word comes that comes to your mind when you see this awesome web-app developed by quixomites. Picfridge leverage your social life with its amazing features like sending sharing and creating photo buckets over the cloud. What makes picfridge more reliable is the security that it provides to its users so let’s see the road map of this app in three simple word cool, cooler, coolest

When our customer approached us, he had this simple thing to say that “I want a cool app where people can come and share their photos” and we nurture his idea like it’s our baby and hence the inception of Picfridge. Picfridge works in 3 simple steps:
  • Create a unique bucket
  • Upload your photos to that bucket
  • Share your buckets with friends

To take it to the next level we used to brainstorming a lot on two critical issues i.e
  • Storage facility for user’s content
  • Security

To Tackle the storage problem we opt out to go for what’s trending i.e. Cloud storage. We store user’s photos on amazone cloud storage which more reliable and secure. The real problem we faced during this approach is how we are going to upload photos directly from client machines to amazone but we’ve managed to do it efficiently without wasting much resource.
As far as the security is concerned we kept it really simple and easy so that end user can easily facilitate. We facilitate user to create a password protected bucket i.e end user will need to have password every time he/she wants to access it

There are many photo sharing social sites available but to stand out in crowd you need to something extraordinary. So what makes picfridge coolest among all. “Upload Via Email ” Ring any bells? Let us explain upload via Email is a functionality that Picfridge provides where you can upload photos to your bucket via sending an email to domain specific email address. All you have to do is just send an email to domain specific address and you’re all set, moreover you can also create password protected bucket via email
Apart from this there are many other things like you can create your own contacts group , import from Gmail and send it to specific user or a whole group and what other user needs to do simple, he just need to go to bucket link mentioned in email and can download photos from that bucket.
As a end result we have picfridge, coolest app for sharing photos over the various social groups with reliability and security.
Project Details