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Hire NODE.JS Developers

Node.js is an open source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side and networking applications. Node.js applications are written in JavaScript, and can be run within the Node.js runtime on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Node.js also provides a rich library of various JavaScript modules which simplifies the development of web applications using Node.js to a great extent. Key attributes and features of Node.js include that it is asynchronous and event driven, very fast, single threaded but highly scalable & no buffering.

We at Quixom have a team of node.js developers who develop applications of specific type which node works the best with. Hire node.js developers from Quixom Technology to create your highly scalable application. Below is a list of some websites developed using node.js
  • Linkedin
  • ebay
  • Paypal
  • The new york times & many more