Embedded Services

Why 'Embedded'

Embedded systems form the largest part of presently used computer systems. The class of embedded systems includes both, systems which are similar to the present PC, and smallest systems with a minimal memory and calculator capacity. The development of software systems for such platforms makes by far higher demands than the development of general purpose systems for the use on PC and workstations.

Embedded software is designed to perform a dedicated function as part of a larger (software) system. The amount of embedded software in technical systems is steadily increasing. Even with the present state of the art, it is not possible to guarantee error-freedom of this software. Still, quality management is confronted with the task to ensure, by means of constructive and analytical methods, the development of a high-quality product with a lowest possible amount of errors.

What makes us 'Different'

Quixom Technology provides services spanning the entire product development life cycle covering embedded software development & firmware development. Our highly experienced team of software engineers combine the domain knowledge with systems engineering and IT expertise. We provide and build embedded software, firmware. We provide services like Linux driver development, Linux kernal programming, Linux middleware, embedded product testing.

From the initial requirements like analysis to final step like debugging, testing, verification, support, Quixom works in touch of clients to accomplish client's requirements and the desired goals and exceed performance expectations. We work pro-actively to understand our client’s perspective and approach with constructive.

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