Massive Online Open Courses

What is 'MOOC'

MOOC stands for massive open online courses. MOOC is basically preferable when some corporate or school wants to train their employees or wants to teach any subject to massive amounts of students anywhere on the world using one platform.Edx is the best solutions to enable your own customized MOOC platform with your own branding and seamless functionalities. And it's completely open source.We are listed official provider of this open source technology ready to guide and serve you the best of OpenEdx offerings.

MOOC Services using 'OpenEdx'

OpenEdx (MOOC platform) was founded by Harvard and MIT. Primarily EDX is online learning system where authors can create and brand there courses from the studio (CMS- content management system) and learners can learn any course from LMS(Learning management system) user end of the site. Students can earn certificates after achieving passing scores on the site. Authors can keep bird's eye on the activity and all submissions of students on the site. Multiple numbers of courses can be created and published on the site with interactive learning experiences. Edx is already used by many known universities which have provided many perfect examples of virtual classes and success stories of students who are not able to attend on campus classes. If you are running NGO, leading in corporate business or you are a remote university, We can help you build your own online learning platform with OpenEdx which is globally accepted MOOC platform, easy to scale and available to customize in your ways.

What we 'OFFER'

  • EdX Hosting on AWS, DigitalOcean and other private VPS.
  • Support with experienced developer.
  • Custom theme development.
  • Custom branding of your company.
  • Localization and Translations.
  • Micro-site and multiple sub-sites.
  • SSO with third party authentication.
  • EdX Analytics, Insights dashboard and E-commerce with payment gateway integration.
  • Create new or Modify existing open source XBlocks to achieve custom requirements.
  • Modify current behaviors/scenarios of EDX and put your requirements in place.