What is Django Oscar?

eCommerce is the new market and Django oscar is a solution to creating your own marketplace. Django oscar is an open source eCommerce framewework built using Python and Django. It provides numerous features and being an open source project allows you to integrate almost anything and customize anything. Choose Django Oscard for building your eCommerce because of the below mentioned reasons:
  • Payment Gateway ready integrations with multiple sources
  • Sales Rep are allowed to place order on behalf of their customers
  • Integrations with SAP werbservices
  • Celery Driven backend for Stocks
  • Sophisticated Access controls
  • Ability to manage a catalogue of 12 Million products

How we can help!

We have a team of DJango Oscar developers who have developed and deployed numerous projects. We provide end to end support, which means right from development to deployment to training on how to use the product with ease. Hire Django Oscar developers from Quixom to get your store built faster and get to the online market faster than normal. Django Oscar developers at Quixom are more than capable to get you online in a month or 2.