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Big data & 'Analytics'

For any organization, GROWTH is imperative. With lots of start-ups, SMBs and entry level enterprises setting their foot forward in the industry all over the world, stagnancy becomes important factor. Businesses which are able to keep it in check stay afloat, others sink.

With the advent of Big Data and Analytics, it has been proven that operational as well as procedural decisions can be made effectively with the help of data interpretation. In layman’s terms- more things we observe happening around us, better understanding we create for what is likely to happen.

Continuing that philosophy in relation with modern day businesses, people with big degrees are hired, specifically assigned and given fat cheques just to note down every little thing happening inside the organization. It may very well be Technical Skill Data, Human Resource Data, Financial Data, Project Data, and/or even impact of Extra Curricular Activities’ on employee’s Performance’s Data. Nowadays Everything- small or big, matters.

To put all these data in perspective and analyze patterns in them requires High Performing, ultra-efficient and heavy storage capacity components. Having said that, TRADITIONAL DATA PROCESSING APPLICATIONS ARE SIMPLY INADEQUATE IN CURRENT SCHEME OF THINGS.

With change in scenario and to manage zettabytes of available data, it is not plausible to stick with primitive solutions. This is one problem statement, every newcomer with foresight of industry is trying to address. Along with dynamic newcomers, how can the established players afford to miss on this opportunity? They have abundant resources to utilize on anything they perceive as Next Big Thing (NBT). Undoubtedly Big Data and Analytics is one of those NBT.

With every millisecond, data will continue to pile up and bigger shall be the demand for tools and technologies to process this accumulated data. Let this be said, SCOPE OF DATA STORAGE AND PROCESSING IS HERE TO STAY!

Quixom Technology being service sector company offers rare combination of technical brilliance and upstanding consultation for Big Data and Analytics applications. It covers fairly wide scope in this particular domain which includes but not limited to Sales Analytics, Market Analytics, Service Analytics and Staffing Analytics. With experience and technological expertise, Quixom Technology specializes in projects which yields apparent results and good RoI for the customers.

Quixom Technology also offers Hadoop as a Service to the newcomers who are not sure about how to deal with structured and unstructured variety of data. The early entrants of the market have the potential to bring in disruptive innovations and change the industry but they lack immensely in financial as well as skilled human resources to take care of some of the most essential parts in Big Data and Analytics like massive storage requirement, enormous processing power and system ability to handle concurrent tasks. Quixom Technology with Hadoop framework experts helps these exciting newcomers make a mark in Big Data and Analytics by managing Hadoop cluster commodity hardware.

Choosing one particular trend makes your organizational goals dependent on that particular platform, be it a proprietary software/platform or open source software/platform. Here in this regards, Quixom Technology brings a lot of value, being Service Provider, you just give in your requirements with all the raw data available at your disposal and let them figure out all the best available solutions which also fit in your other preferences like budget, resource occupancy, maintenance and technical expertise required. In real sense, you can see your data become Information in visually pleasing way.

Quixom Technology also facilitates those organizations which already have market successful products rolling and want to upgrade them with new demanding features. The expert professionals at Quixom can smoothly join your organization as value addition and help you achieve your next level goals. If you are one such organization, you may consider discussing your case scenario through Quixom Technology-Hire Analytics Expert.

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