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What is Augmented Reality??
It is a technology which provides a composite view by layering a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world.

Let us try to understand it in simple terms
It is a combination of Real and Virtual worlds. If we are given with a real subject, which is captured on a video or camera, AR adds to that real-world image with extra layers of digital information.

List of Tools Required for Developing AR Applications
  1. Vuforia
    It supports:
    • The detection of various types of targets which includes Objects, Images, English text.
    • Target Tracking
    • 2D and 3D Recognition
    • Scanning of Real Objects for recognition
    • Virtual Buttons
    • Mapping of additional elements via OpenGL
    • Creating a 3D geometric Map of the environment
  2. ARToolkit
    ARToolkit can be said as a set of AR software tools which can be used in AR apps. The major benefit of this is that it is an open-source code which implies free access to the library.
    It supports:
    • 2D recognition
    • Mapping of additional elements via OpenGL.
    • Wikitude
      It supports
      • 2D and 3D recognition
      • scanning real objects for recognition
      • 3D model rendering and animation
      • location tracking
      • HTML augmentation
    • LayAR
      As you can get the idea by the framework name, you can watch the terrain through the layers, which are mapping on the mobile device screen.
      It supports:
      • Image recognition
      • Mapping additional elements on the base of user location and recognized images
    • Kundan
      It supports
      • Image recognition
      • Mapping additional elements on the base of user location and recognized images
      • Marker less tracking (instead of fiducial marks it relies on the use of natural features like the edges, corners, or textures)
      • Mapping additional elements via separate component over OpenGL.

    • Brief Idea About Augmented Reality
      AR apps are written in special 3D programs which allows the developer to tie animated or contextual digital information in the computer program to an AR “marker” in the real world.
      This applications that are made for smartphones mainly include GPS to pinpoint the user’s location and it compass to detect device orientation.
      AR programs used by the military for training includes machine vision, object recognition and gesture recognition technologies.

      Market Predictions for 2017
      • Apple enters AR game through iphone8 camera
      • Snap unveils roadmap to augmented reality platform, a natural extension of spectacles
      • Increasing dependency on apps and proliferation of AR apps for numerous activities.
      • Use of AR technologies for effective advertising
      • Adoption of the crowdfunding strategy
      • Growing integration of AR in mobile devices and declining ASP of AR hardware
      • Large scale workforce automation

      Market Challenges

      • Hardware limitations
      • Lack of AR content
      • Stringent government regulations
      • Connectivity issues, low awareness, and high user expectations impacting AR adoption
      • Low value addition of smart glasses to consumers

      Key Vendors
      • Apple
      • Atheer Labs
      • Augmented Pixels
      • Aurasma
      • Blippar
      • Catchoom
      • Cinoptics
      • DAQRI
      • HTC
      • Meta
      • NGRAIN
      • Laster Technologies
      • Lumus
      • ODG
      • Optinvent
      • Qualcomm
      • Rockwell Collins
      • Sensics
      • Sieko Epson
      • Technical Illusions
      • Thales
      • Total Immersion
      • Vuzix
      • WeAR Studio
      • Wikitude
      • Zappar

      Brands Using Augmented Reality
      • Wayfair
      • IKEA
      • Converse
      • American Apparel
      • De Beers
      • L’Oreal
      • Cedar Point Theme Park
      • Epson
      • Disney
      • Crayola

      Key Adapters of Augmented Reality
      • Construction Instructions
      • Teaching Instructions
      • Head’s up Display
      • Advertising and Local Information
      • Health Care
      • Retail
      • Education

      Augmented Reality in Retail
      • Topshop Kinect Dressing Rooms
      • Shisedio Makeup Mirror
      • American Apparel Colour-Changing App
      • De Beers ‘Forevermark Fitting’
      • IKEA AR Catalogue
      • Sayduck Furniture Visualizer
      • IBM App
      • Converse Shoe Sampler
      • Burberry Beauty Box

      Augmented Reality in Education

      • Aurasma
      • Fetch! Lunch Rush
      • ZooBurst
      • Star Walk
      • SpaceCraft 3D
      • SkyView
      • MagicPlan CSI
      • Amazing Space Journey


      Specimen of Augmented Reality